God and Nature

many blame God for the consequences when the outworking of natural forces causes a tragedy. This resembles having your car stall on the railroad tracks, being destroyed by an oncoming train, and then blaming the people who manufactured the train. Nature doesn’t have a heart or show any more compassion than would the locomotive coming at you on the railroad tracks. Neither have feelings. Neither is out to get you, but if you get in the way, you’ll get hurt, and God didn’t do it.

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  1. nebadon on February 4, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    Un-realistic expectations cause problems in all relationships and our relationship with God in no exception. From the time I was small, I heard that God answered prayers, that if we had enough faith, we could ask Him for anything.
    Well, I had to burst your bubble but it does not work that way.
    I have to understand what God does do and what He leaves for me to do; that God will not intervene and abrogate the laws of nature based on my immature request.; that He has given me free-will choice and will not negate consequences of my decisions and actions no matter how hard I pray or how much faith I possess. Nor will He limit other people’s freedom of choice to prevent bad things from happening to me or anyone.
    I must strive to find an understanding of God and our relationship that actually produces results in my life. This means that I should try to understand, at least to my limited ability, God’s will for me and others; that I should try to discern God’s true role as loving Father—and mine as His child; that I should seek to comprehend the interaction of physical laws and spiritual reality in a manner that helps me avoid conflict and find acceptance; that I need base my expectations on healthy expectations and not on fantasy or my self-driven desires.
    God absolutely delivers what He promises when I do my part. Disappointment often results from expecting Him to do something is not in line with His job description.

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