At any moment, life can throw a mud ball at me.

Life happens. We can be enjoying life or just getting by; then, something unexpected hits us. We get bad news; someone rejects us or something totally unfair or unreasonable happens. Do we give situations, events, or other people the power to determine the quality of our day? Of our week? Of our life?

If we trip and fall when hiking in the woods, do we pick our self up, nurse our wound a little, and travel on? Or do we stay there pounding the ground, cursing the limb that tripped us? Or do we go forward—and then return to that same spot to curse and stomp the limb, trying to understand how we could have let it happen, how that limb could do that to us?

We have a choice about how we act and react when something goes wrong; about how much we allow this situation to upset us. We can pause, relax, and ask our self “Did I have any part in this. Did I make a previous error that contributed to it?  Am I being overly sensitive? How can I release this inner turmoil to minimize its affect on my day? How important is it really?” Honest answers reveal whether we face a real or imagined crisis. Either way, we then can go to our inner spirit reservoir for the guidance and strength to quiet our contention, make the best decisions, and move forward.

Prayer: My spiritual guide and strength please help me to accept the reality of this situation; let me see this with honest and long-distant vision; transform my thoughts and emotions so that they are loving, kind, gentle and peaceful. I need and ask for your power and guidance in this moment. Grant me the power to move forward.

Take three relaxing breaths; ask your inner spirit to guide your meditation; reflect on the content, pausing for a few minutes in silence.