Uplifting one person at a time

Sometimes I feel a need to prove myself “right” or to win a disagreement simply as a way of making me feel worthy – or to make the other person realize that I am knowledgeable, important, or persuasive . I use “rightness” to assert my value, to elevate me in my own eyes. 

Trying to keep track of who is right often involves keeping score and this automatically insures that there is a winner and a loser. I could simply choose to be happy instead of trying to be “right” and then no one loses.

 Prayer: Thank you for gentleness; I pray that you would help me be gentle with my friends, my family, my enemies, every person I contact today, and myself. Help me not to feel important enough to prove that I am right. Guide my thoughts to love, tolerance, and patience. Guide my actions to gentleness.

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