Totally Within: Unleash Your Inner Super Power

An incredible NEW book
by Thomas Strawser



Do you worry? Feel anxiety, guilt, or allow other people to control your feelings? Do you want to change? Well, Totally Within can help. It’s a different type of daily meditation book that offers practical spiritual solutions to find some inner peace in this hectic world.   

Totally Within highlights deep insights into everyday living with easy-to-remember sentences and simple thoughts such as:

  • Would you rather be happy or right?
  • Never make a long-term decision while in short-term misery;
  • Love people; use things.
  • Sufficient to the moment are the troubles thereof;
  • God doesn’t take people; he receives them.

and are followed with practical exercises to implement these life-changing principles and change your day. The results depend on action, not belief so it makes little difference whether you are an unbeliever or agnostic, a skeptic, or a sincere religionist.

Each of us has an unsuspected reservoir of inner spiritual energy that can transform our life; this innate power relieves stress, melts anxiety, and grants peace and hope. It lies dormant until we take the action to unleash that energy. This unsuspected inner life-force is our birthright as a child of the divine; it allows us to control our mind, elevate our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and outlook and facilitates living in the moment, in the NOW.  This “God within” supplies the power and direction for a transformation that yields inner peace and awesome relationships.

These reflections connect you with your inner resource. You never have to worry or feel stress again—unless you choose to.

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Read the Back Cover

Do you control your mind or does your mind control you?

  • Do you worry?
  • Do you get stressed-out over something that might happen?
  • Do you ever lose sleep because your mind just won’t stop?
  • Do you have a habit, an addiction, or obsession that you want to break?

These and much more center in our mind and this magic, magnifying, mental machine  will either be our best  friend or our worst enemy.

Most of us recognize the existence of a power greater than our self. This is the power that breaks the shackles of alcoholism, severs the bonds of addiction, and grants a peace that passes all understanding in the midst of turmoil and adversity; it’s an additional energy that exits as an “unsuspected inner reservoir” deep inside every person.  We simply have to access this innate power and keep the conduit open to allow the energy to flow.

If you turn on a lamp to illuminate a dark room, the light bulb transforms immediately when it accesses the unseen electrical power; it provides light and warmth to dispel the darkness; you do not have to understand electricity—or even believe in it— to get the results. But you do have to take action. If you unplug the light, it loses the connection to the power source and darkness returns.

Spiritual Engineering Mindfulness of daily thoughts, meditations, and prayers are tools that open your connection to your inner superhuman (divine) power and keep the connection open on a daily basis; this provides a new energy that lets you take control of your thoughts and powers a wonderful transformation. You never have to worry or feel stress again.