Having faith sometimes requires stepping into the unknown

When you come to the end of all the light you know, and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: Either you will be given something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly. —Edward Teller

Belief is an intellectual acceptance of an idea, concept, or ideology; faith is when we change the way we live because of that belief. To be effective, our beliefs must align with truth and reality. When we must choose to either stay in the misery that we know or step into the unknown, what can we expect of God with absolute certainty?  As we step into the darkness, we can be certain that our “leap of faith” will yield specific benefits if we maintain our spiritual connection:

  • Direction: solutions appear that we could not see before;
  • Strength: an invigorating flow of spiritual energy infuses our body and mind;
  • Courage: we have an enhanced ability to face and overcome fear and uncertainty;
  • Purpose: Our spiritual purpose, direction, and values strengthen;
  • Understanding: Our mental acumen shifts to a higher level; we have clarity of mind and an enhanced understanding of values, priorities, and means;
  • Peace: We will have that inner certainty that all is well and continue to be well, no matter what is happening around us.

The resulting transformation can have a beneficial ripple-effect; other areas of our life can improve and yield additional non-spiritual benefits.

Prayer:    Dear God, give ne the courage to act according to your will; help me to trust you and your ways; enfold me in your loving protection and guide my mind