Christopher Arlen, Founder of Manifesto is featured on Spiritual Engineering Radio!

On June 15th Patricia Strawser and guest host Eugene Ebner interviewed Christopher Arlen on Spiritual Engineering Radio. This week’s topic focused on ‘Building Healthy Relationships’.

Christopher Arlen, founder of Manifesto explained that to truly overcome our challenges, fears and hurts from our past that we must heal our brokenness and transform into a place of wholeness.

Manifesto’s Vision ” is a celebration of the gay spirit.  We are like-minded men who come together to uplift and support our vibrant community of men. Our community is intentional. We create spaces for exploration and discovery, resulting in a greater sense of connection among gay men and our allies. We honor one another in respect and dignity.

We believe that we are meant to thrive in every area of life that matters to us. We seek to deepen connections and to inspire a community of wholeness, happiness, and prosperity. Most important, we believe that we each have the power to positively impact these areas in our own lives. We embody our possibilities”.

Click Here to listen to this amazing interview now!

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